Monthly Archives: January 2014

Change when adding an apprentice

29th January 2014

From Monday 10th February you will have to complete 4 mandatory tabs when adding an apprentice.


Previously you had to complete;


– Basic Information


– Employer Details


– Identifiers


From Monday 10th February you will also have to complete;


– Framework




Under the Framework tab there are several rows that are yellow. These rows are mandatory for certification however when adding an apprentice you will need to leave these blank until the record has been created. Otherwise the information that you enter will be lost.


For full instructions please visit the Knowledge Base.



Changes to bulk upload fields

29th January 2014


In line with the recent system developments we have updated the MA Online Bulk Upload Template. From Monday 10th February 2014 please use the following template for all bulk uploads to avoid errors.


New Bulk upload Template


A brief summary of the changes are as follows:


Fields added:


Framework and Pathway




Asylum Seeker




Mental/Physical Impairment


ESOL needed


Employer Sector


Full bulk upload guidance is available on the bulk upload section of the Knowledge Base.



Permissions To Edit Candidate Records Are Changing

29th January 2014

From Monday 10th February Centres’ abilities to edit candidate records will change. Centres will only be able to edit candidate details when candidates are at Entered or Rejected.


To request any changes at other status’ and for certificate re-prints please contact your Certification Body.



Changes to Employer Sector Field

29th January 2014

A new mandatory field will be added to MA Online. The Employer Sector field will allow for a greater understanding of the employers you work with. On Monday 10th February a new drop down will appear on the employer details asking you to choose one of the following options:


– Agriculture, forestry and fishing


– Information and communication technologies


– Care


– Real estate and facilities management


– Construction, building services


– Transport and storage engineering and planning


– Creative media and entertainment


– Education


– Energy production and utilities


– Health


– Hospitality, Tourism and Sport


– Information and communication technologies


– Real estate and facilities management


– Transport and storage


– Wholesale and retail trade


– Financial, insurance & other professional services


– Government


– Manufacturing


PLEASE NOTE: You will be expected to enter this information for all candidates at Registered or Rejected status on MA Online. You will not be able to submit a candidate for certification without entering this information.



Update to Employer Details tab

29th January 2014

As part of the Monday 10th February updates the Employer Details tab will now remember the employer details you enter most frequently.


When adding a new apprentice typing the first 3 characters of an employer name will show a drop down of any matching employers you have previously entered.  This will hopefully help users speed up the registration process and will also help to minimise errors with employer details.



Days Elapsed Column

29th January 2014

On Monday 10th February a new days elapsed column will be added on the Apprentice tab on MA Online. This will show the number of working days that a candidate has been at each status.


For more information on the Apprentice tab please visit the Knowledge Base.



Change to System Notifications

29th January 2014

From Monday 10th February all notifications sent by the Federation within the MA Online 2 system will also be sent to your registered email account.


This means you no longer have to log-in to the system to check for important update messages, however to successfully receive these messages you will need to keep your MA Online accounts up-to-date with your current email account.


Your Certification Body will also be able to send you system Notifications which will also be sent to your registered email account.