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There are two ways to add an apprentice – one at a time using the form or a bulk upload via a CSV file.




  • Once you have selected Add Apprentice a blank record will appear ready for you to complete the information within the four tabs:

— Basic Information


— Employer Details


— Framework


— Identifiers




  • Once all of the mandatory fields have been completed (these are marked with a * ) select Create Item. If there are any mandatory errors, the system will highlight these in red.
  • All fields marked with an * are mandatory and need to be completed before clicking ‘Create Item’.



Under the Framework tab there are several rows that are yellow. These rows are mandatory for certification however when adding an apprentice you will need to leave these blank until the record has been created. Otherwise the information that you enter will be lost.


Once you have created the record two new tabs will appear:



This tab shows the Status of the Apprentice. When you add an Apprentice it will automatically be given either the status Pending Registration or Registered (this will be dependent upon the process used by the CB).



The MA Framework and components selected will determine which evidence is required for certification.




Framework Tab


When you get to the framework tab there are several fields that need to be completed, some of which need to be completed prior to creating the record:


During the adding an apprentice stage you are required to completed the fields below prior to selecting the Create item button.


– Framework


– Framework level


– Pathway Code & Name


It is important that the framework details are correct for the MA you are registering the apprentice for so the right components are displayed.


Once these details have been entered and the other tabs are complete you will need to select the Yellow Create item Button.


There are 4 rows that are within the framework tab that are mandatory for certification but can only be completed once the record has been created, if completed prior to this the information will be lost.


– Units


– Enhancements


– Outcomes


– Framework Core Skills


By clicking on each row they will reveal a drop down for you to enter the appropriate information.


Clicking on each of the yellow rows will reveal a drop down that needs to be completed once you have created the record and prior to certification (click again to close the drop down).



Within this drop down the mandatory and optional units are listed. You will not be able to amend the mandatory units as these are set based on the framework and pathway selected. However you will need to select the optional units that are to be completed/have been completed by the apprentice.



Some MA frameworks have a list of mandatory and additional enhancements and you must select the enhancement that the apprentice will be working towards/has completed.



Within some MA frameworks there is a list of outcomes that need to be achieved. You will need to indicate here the outcome that the apprentice will be working towards/has completed.



There are 5 Workplace Core Skills that are required by all MA frameworks. You will need to indicate here what level has been completed by the apprentice and the value of SCQF credits. If the apprentice already has any of the Core Skills it is recommended that they work towards the next level.



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