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Closing Down MA Online v1 – 4th November

31st October 2014


On the 4th of November 2014 MA Online v1 will close and we will begin the process of transferring registered apprentices onto MA online v2 (MAO 2). This means that you will no longer be able to access the MA Online v1 system to view registered apprentices and claim full framework certificates.


What are the benefits of moving to MAO 2?


  • All registered apprentices held on the same system for the first time
  • MAO 2 is a modern database with enhanced functionality compared to MA Online v1
  • The MA Online v1 database of Certificated apprentices will be held in-house by the Federation allowing for faster access to reprints and statistical data on historical apprentices


How will it all work?


At 5pm on the 4th of November all accounts on MA Online v1 will be suspended and you will no longer be able to access the system. On the week beginning 10th of November, the MA Online Support team will send you a report of all apprentices currently registered on MA Online that have yet to be certificated. In order to ensure that the information transferred to MAO 2 is as up to date as possible, we ask that you review this report carefully, deleting any apprentices that have withdrawn from training and will not be submitted for certification in the future. We also ask that you complete the missing mandatory information that is required for MAO 2. Once completed you will be asked to return this report to us to be checked and uploaded on your behalf. Full guidance on how to amend your reports will be provided and the MA Online Support Team will be on hand for all of your calls and queries, big or small.


What about the apprentices that have already been certificated from MA Online v1?


You will no longer be able to access the data held on the MA Online v1 system however you will be able to request reports directly from us. Please contact for more details. If you need to request a reprint for an apprentice who has already been certificated on MA Online v1 then please continue to contact the relevant Certification Body to authorise this.


We appreciate that we are making these changes at very short notice however we believe that closing MA Online v1 will prove massively beneficial to all parties as it simplifies the registration and certification process for MA Apprentices. If you have any questions please contact the MA Online Support Team for more information.