1. Getting Started (8 Topics)

Introduction to MA Online 2 System

  The Federation and the MA Online 2 System The Federation works to support the certification process of Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland and hosts MA Online 2 which has been designed specifically for Scottish Certification requirements.   Working in partnership … Continue reading


    Once you have logged in to MA Online 2, you will see this home screen:   TABS AVAILABLE   Registration Tabs – these will only appear if your Centre has been set up to use Pending Registration.   … Continue reading

MA Online Process

There are two sides to using MA Online, Registration and Certification. If your centre is not set up for Pending registration than you will start the process at the Apprentices tab.   If you are required to go through Registration … Continue reading

Getting Access to MA Online 2

  Providers (known as Centres) need to register to get access to MA Online 2. This is done by completing an online registration form which can be accessed via www.modernapprenticeships.org/register_centre   MA Centres select all of the CBs they need … Continue reading

Logging In

  • Go to: www.modernapprenticeships.org • Click on the ‘Login button’ to reveal the login area and technical guidance • Enter your MA Online 2 Username and Password. • Click the ‘Go button’.     Please refer to the technical … Continue reading

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2. Administration (3 Topics)

Add or Edit Users

To add a new user:   – Select the Users Link and click Add User.   – Enter all of the information ensuring that the contact details are correct.   – Once all the details have been completed, select Create Item. … Continue reading

Disable User Accounts

  Within the MA Online system you are able to disable MA user accounts. This will keep the history of the user’s activity but will mean that they no longer have access to the system. Only the Centre Admin person … Continue reading

View or Amend Organisation Details

  This image shows where you can view the organisation details, such as the postal address and the appropriate contact person. If there are any amendments required please contact the relevant Certification Body who will be able to make any … Continue reading

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3. Apprentices (17 Topics)

Apprentice Registration

  Once the CB has reviewed the registration, they will change the status to one of the following:   Registered There is no separate tab for apprentices that are registered as they are found under the Apprentices tab and you … Continue reading

Add a Single Apprentice

  There are two ways to add an apprentice – one at a time using the form or a bulk upload via a CSV file.     Once you have selected Add Apprentice a blank record will appear ready for … Continue reading

Bulk Upload Apprentices

  The Bulk Upload facility allows you to add multiple apprentices at once, auto-filling the apprentice and employer details.   There are two file types available, a CSV or Excel file (if you need to use the CSV file please … Continue reading

Adding Evidence to an Apprentice Record

The Certificate Evidence tab provides a list of all the evidence required for registration and certification. Some CBs require to have the MA Training Agreement (this can be found within all frameworks) loaded onto MA Online 2 at registration, some … Continue reading

View Pending Registration

The Pending Registration tab will be displayed if your centre has been set-up to use Pending Registration.   If the registration part of the system is used then all apprentices will start off as Pending Registration until the CB updates … Continue reading

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4. Bulk Upload (5 Topics)


  This guide is designed to take you through the Bulk Upload process step by step. It has been designed to be interactive and so when you see text in this format: example link, it means that there is a … Continue reading

How do I access the Bulk Upload facility

In order to use the Bulk Upload facility you will need to log into modernapprenticeships.org.   Once logged in under the Apprentices tab  you will see the option Bulk Upload ‚.   This will take you to the Bulk … Continue reading

Bulk Upload Codes

  The spreadsheet requires all mandatory fields to be completed for the Apprentice and Employer. Both of these have drop down menus for selections to be made such as ethnicity and gender. Where there is a drop down menu, a … Continue reading

Bulk Upload Template – Excel Format

  When you are on the Bulk Upload page you are able to download the Excel (XLS) empty template . You can either save the file or open the document. It will open within Excel. • There are examples of … Continue reading

Bulk Upload Template – CSV Format

  If you wish to use the CSV method for Bulk Upload, you will need to contact the MA Online Support team for the CSV file. Once you have the file you will be able to follow this guidance on … Continue reading

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5. MA Online 2 Frequently Asked Questions (16 Topics)

Previously I have been able to log in but now I am getting an error message saying:- “Login Failed”.

If you have been issued with a username and password and have previously been able to access MA Online 2 but can no longer log in, then you may have made a mistake typing in your details. Please re-check and … Continue reading

Previously I have been able to log in but now it clears my username and password without displaying an error message.

As the MA Online 2 system is updated on a weekly basis we recommend typing the https://acecertsonline.co.uk URL into the address bar of your browser every time you want to access MA Online 2. Often when you save the URL … Continue reading

I log in and the screen is blank.

Your firewall is blocking access to the website; you will need to update settings to allow access and add MA Online 2 to your whitelist.   If you continue to have problems logging in then please check your computer MA … Continue reading

I cannot login to MAv2, Why?

Has your Centre been issued with login details from the SSC you are trying to login with? If not, please submit a centre request via this form. The SSC will issue login and password details.   If you do have … Continue reading

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