MA1 – MA2 Migration

12th January 2015

Thank you to all the users who have updated their spreadsheet of MA Online v1 apprentices and returned them to us to be registered on MA Online v2. Over 5500 apprentices have been re-registered and are now ready for certification. If you believe you have returned your spreadsheet but the apprentices have yet to appear on MA online v2 then please contact the MA Online Support Team as soon as possible. If you have received your spreadsheet but do not wish to transfer any apprentices then we would be grateful if you could let us know by replying to the original email or contacting the MA Online Support Team.


Thanks to your efforts we are now able to set a closing date for transferring apprentices over to MA Online v2. In order to have the transfers completed on time, you will need to return your spreadsheet to us no later than 3pm on the 30th of January 2015. If you do not return your spreadsheet to us by this date, you will need to re-enter the apprentices onto MA Online v2 manually.


As always, please contact the System Support Team if you have any queries or can provide any information that make expedite the process.