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Once you have logged in to MA Online 2, you will see this home screen:




Registration Tabs – these will only appear if your Centre has been set up to use Pending Registration.


1. Pending Registration – All apprentices will be created with a status of Pending Registration which will have to be changed by your Certification Body before the apprentice can be put forward for certification.


2. Rejected – View and update apprentices rejected for certification.


3. Payment Pending – View which apprentices certificates are still to be paid for (if applicable).


Certification Tabs – these will always appear in order to certificate apprentices.


4. Apprentices – View, Add or Bulk Upload apprentices, search for and edit apprentice details.


5. Rejected – View and update apprentices rejected for certification.


6. Awaiting Certification – View apprentices awaiting certification.


7. Certificate Approved – View apprentice certificates that are ready to be printed by the certification body. The numbers in brackets, on each tab, indicates the number of records currently active within each of the tabbed categories.




ADDITIONAL OPTIONS (along bottom of screen).


8. Top – Takes you back to the top of the current screen.


9. Contact Us – Contact details for the Federation, managers of MA Online 2.


10. Users – Add and edit users within your organisation (function available for Centre Admin only).


11. Organisation details – View your organisation details (function available for Centre Admin only).






the Apprentices Tab holds all apprentices no matter what their status. If your Centre is set up to use Pending Registration and choose to use Bulk Upload they will appear in the Pending Registration tab as well as appear in the Apprentices Tab.

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