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There are two sides to using MA Online, Registration and Certification. If your centre is not set up for Pending registration than you will start the process at the Apprentices tab.


If you are required to go through Registration then the apprentices will automatically start as Pending Registration. Once the apprentice has been sat in this status for at least one day the CBs will look at the apprentice’s record and will either accept or reject the registration. If the record is accepted the record will either move to Payment Pending or Apprentices. This will depend if the CB require any payment to be made at this point. You will need to contact the CB to discuss how and when payments are made.


If you are not required to go through Pending Registration then the apprentices will start the process from the Apprentices tab.


Once the apprentice’s record is at the Apprentices status they are ready for you to load Certification Evidence as it is achieved by the apprentice which will save time at the end of the MA. Once all the components of the MA have been achieved by the apprentice, the appropriate evidence loaded to MA Online 2 and the apprentices record is completed you are able to submit the record to Awaiting Certification.


Here the CBs will be able to accept or reject the apprentice for certification. If the record is rejected you will need complete any corrective action and resubmit the record. If the CB accepts the certification request they will process the record to Certificate Approved.


Some CBs may at this point require payment to be made before the Completion Certificate is printed other CBs may require payment to made once the Completion Certificate has been sent.




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