Knowledge Base / Introduction to MA Online 2 System


The Federation and the MA Online 2 System

The Federation works to support the certification process of Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland and hosts MA Online 2 which has been designed specifically for Scottish Certification requirements.


Working in partnership with the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), The Federation shares the belief that a sectoral approach is the best way to create the conditions for increased investment in skills which will, in turn, drive enterprise, create jobs and deliver sustainable economic growth.


MA Online 2 is a web based system that is designed to enable access for training providers (MA Centres) or employers to request Modern Apprenticeship completion certificates.

The Federation sits in the middle of a hub and spoke model where Certification Bodies (CBs) use MA Online 2 to:


• Receive requests for Modern Apprenticeship registration and certificates from learning providers & employers.


• Review submitted requests and evidence provided and either approve or reject, with appropriate reason/s, certification requests.


• Print and issue Apprenticeship Completion Certificates, providing that all of the current Modern Apprenticeship framework requirements have been met.


This guidance manual has been designed to take you through the registration and certification processes of MA Online 2.

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