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This guide is designed to take you through the Bulk Upload process step by step. It has been designed to be interactive and so when you see text in this format: example link, it means that there is a link to follow either to a website or somewhere specific within the document.


The Bulk Upload facility allows you to enter the apprentice, employer and framework information into an Excel or CSV format spreadsheet. This information can then be uploaded to the system which will create the apprentices records within MA Online 2. Don’t forget that once the records have been created on MA Online, you will still need to access them and complete the apprentices record and load the certification evidence.


There are two ways that the spreadsheet can be completed. You can either enter the required information or use an automated download process. Some suppliers of the commonly used training provider management systems have developed specific automated processes.


Please note that there is a limit to the facility in that you can load a maximum of 999 apprentices in one go.


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