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If you wish to use the CSV method for Bulk Upload, you will need to contact the MA Online Support team for the CSV file. Once you have the file you will be able to follow this guidance on how to populate the CSV file.


• There are examples of good and bad completion on the Bulk Upload page.


Once you have the CSV file you will notice that all of the column headings appear in the one

cell A1. These need to be separated so that the headings each have their own column enabling the MA Online 2 system to import the data. To separate the headings:


Select cell A1 ‚ and go to the Data tab ƒ.

• Within the Data tab you will see the option Text to Columns, by selecting this option the Text to Columns Wizard „will open. Within the wizard pop up select the option Delimited …followed by Next †.




You will then see the option to set the Delimiters (the column headings). By ticking the selection Semicolon the wizard will automatically set the headings into columns which you will be able to see in the preview box, select Finish‚. This will then separate the columns and you are now able to fill in the apprentices details that you would like to load.


• There are some fields that are marked with an * this is because they are mandatory requirements. When you open the spreadsheet you will see the following fields

• When all the data is entered, give the file a relevant filename and Save to a suitable drive/directory/ folder location.




The Pathway column in the spread sheet matches those pathways within the MA frameworks stored on MA Online 2. In order for the system to identify the pathway due to be completed by the apprentice you need to use the correct code.


With frameworks continually being reviewed and implemented we are unable to provide up to date codes within this guidance. However, to assist you we have included an ID helper within the Bulk Upload page. This tool will enable you to find any code you need and is up-dated when new frameworks are implemented.


To determine the pathway identification number you will need to:

— Select the Framework ‚

— Select the Framework level ƒ

— Followed by the Pathway Code and Name. The number that you need to enter into the spread sheet are then displayed to the right of the Pathway Code and Name.




As you can see here in the example the pathway code is: 273. When you upload the file to MA Online the framework and pathway will be populated.


Now the file is in the CSV file format and complete, return to the Bulk Upload page of the MA Online 2 website.


• Select Browse‚, a pop up box will appear that will allow you to navigate to the location where you saved the CSV file. Once you have selected the correct file, click the open button which will transfer the file path to the Choose a File field in MA Online 2 and then click the Upload button


• The MA Online 2 system will upload and convert the information from the CSV file.


• Any records that do not comply to the requirements will be shown in a summary field „ and the error will be highlighted in red. Only when all of the spreadsheet data has been accepted by the system and showing as green …, will the uploaded data be saved onto the MA Online 2 system.




Please note that when there are issues with the file upload, none of the apprentice’s records will be saved to the system. You will need to correct the errors and upload the whole file again.



Now that the apprentices records have been created, you will need to search for each record to complete the additional components. This includes the framework information and uploading the evidence of achievement to the Certification Evidence Tab. This will need to be done before you are able to submit a certificate claim using MA Online. If you have loaded a large number of apprentices you may find it beneficial to download the MA Online numbers for the apprentices records. In order to do this:


• Select the Apprentices tab.


• Enter the date that you uploaded the bulk upload file into both the Registration Date (from) and Registration Date (to) and select Search. The system will then show all apprentices loaded that day.


• You can then extend the amount of apprentices per page up to 100 and either export all or work your way through the list. If you choose to export all, the system will create a file that you can open in excel and displays the MA Online 2 number for each apprentice.


• If the MIS that you use does not currently have an export process to extract the data in a format that is suitable for uploading to MA Online 2, then please contact the Federation and we may be able to facilitate this by working with individual software suppliers.




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