Knowledge Base / Adding Evidence to an Apprentice Record

The Certificate Evidence tab provides a list of all the evidence required for registration and certification. Some CBs require to have the MA Training Agreement (this can be found within all frameworks) loaded onto MA Online 2 at registration, some may require the agreement at certification. You will need to contact the individual CBs for their process.


The list of requirements is determined by the framework details selected under the framework tab and are fixed.


To upload evidence you will first need to scan the evidence separately onto your computer/system. Once you have all the scanned evidence select the Browse/Choose File button. This will open a new window and show you your accessible files, select the file that you would like to upload to MA Online 2 and click the open button. This will add the file path to the field on MA Online 2 and you need to select the upload button. Once the file has been uploaded you will be able to see the file name in the File column. You can delete files by selecting the red cross.


Once you have uploaded all the required evidence select the Update Item button at the bottom of the page.







The maximum file size is 2MB. If the file is larger than 2MB, please rescan and save at a lower quality or different file type.

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